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What does ProITWorks provide?
ProITWorks is a professional full-service IT provider based in the metro Atlanta area, serving local small business and residential clients. We offer customized affordable web design and development along with on-site and remote technical support for day to day operations.

Will I be able choose the look of my website?
Yes. From start to finish you can participate remotely in the design process and make sure that all your needs are answered.

What is the time frame for building a website?
Generally the production time for average websites are two to four weeks based on size and content.

How does the web design process start?
The first step is to complete a short questionnaire. This will provide us with necessary information to understand your needs. After you submit the questionnaire, we will contact you to analyise your details.

Where do I find images for my website?
We can edit your existing images or provide you with a selection of images for minimal cost.

Will I be able to use images I find online for my website?
Yes, as long as the images is not copyrighted. Images work best when they support the content directly and have good quality.

Why do I need Monthly PC Maintenance?
With Monthly PC Maintenance you are assured that your PC runs at optimal performance at all times and help is available 24/7 remotely. By preventing problems before they become emergencies, will save you time and money.

Why do I need Monthly Website Maintenance?
With Monthly Website Maintenance, managing and editing web content becomes an easy task. In addition you benefit from other services such as data backup and web marketing.

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